An ode to the Indian Woman

The only real elegance is in the mind; If you’ve got that, the rest really comes from it.     —  Diana Vreeland

It is a universal fact that as long as there will exist a wealthy woman, luxury will be intertwined in their psyche and will hence be a part of the living society.

Today I salute spirit that women have towards their physical appearance and the desire to inculcate style in every way. Woman are in a mode of celebration irrespective of time or festival which is indeed a commendable attitude. If we look around, right from the small school going girl to the women who is struggling to meet both ends, the woman belonging to lower middle class and also the really rich and high maintenance ladies, they all are inherent with one common need. The desire to brave a fashion component. She may not be stylish per say or look pretty as we define it but she makes an attempt to remain in vogue and look good in her way. It sometimes is that matching hair accessory with her shoes or colour co-ordination with her clothes. It is this attitude and effort that I salute in womanhood. The element of style and importance of physical looks is no longer limited to a niche category of women. It’s pretty clear to anyone  paying attention that women are a rising force in fashion culture, not just in terms of numbers but also greatly influence.

The rich women always took the effort to dress up and have had the means without much hard work. These elite women today indulge in luxury and use the best of brands. But apart from these top niche influential ladies even a vegetable vendor puts in the quotient of swank according to her capability even if it means wearing her saree according to her jewellery. If we look at a sweeper’s daughter, its not the essence of style that she has, but the need to show that trends affect her no matter her stature. Two decades ago, even wearing denim jeans were looked upon as fashion but not anymore with the escalation of modernism.

The quality of self love for her body and her happiness. She does all the effort to escalate her own confidence which supersedes any need for approval.

There is growth for prestige and premium quality as long as women will be on earth. Beauty alone is not impressive. Put an attitude to be attractive and add brain to be sophisticated.

Today it doesn’t matter the education history of the woman, the   income, the one thing that remains constant is that one element of swank. It may be a head band, a scarf or just flashy shoes to owning a Chanel bag and a Dior dress.

Woman today hold more power in society despite of having gender bias but she seems to use that to her advantage and prove the opposite with her strength and passion.

Luxury will always remain without an expiry date.