Luxe Insider with Anita Khatri

If you’re thinking luxury, this is your Luxe Insider. India’s first luxury podcast, Luxe Insider is a weekly show that brings to you the latest trend from the world of luxury. We also host conversations with leaders behind some of the world’s most coveted brands. Whether you’re an industry insider looking to stay updated, or a consumer looking to learn more, this podcast is for you.

EPISODE 1: The Evolution of Luxury in India


Have you heard of diamonds being used as paper-weight? And did you know that luxury
brands were allowed to officially enter India only in the early 2000s? Luxury is more than
what meets the eye. This is particularly true in India, where luxury holds a rich and
somewhat dark history, tracing back to Indian royalty. Join Anita Khatri in episode 1 of Luxe
Insider, where she takes you through the evolution of luxury in India.

EPISODE 2: Roger Dubuis: A closer look at the Swiss watchmaker with CEO Nicola Andreatta

Roger Dubuis is a young, rule-breaking Swiss brand. Founded in 1995, the brand has in a
short amount of time built a dedicated following of watch connoisseurs. They like to call
themselves the “The Troublemakers of Haute Horlogerie.” In this episode, we learn more
about the brand, what sets them apart, and their ethos, from their dynamic CEO, Nicola

EPISODE 3: Sustainability: Luxury’s New Buzzword

Increasingly, luxury brands are adopting sustainable practices. No doubt since the fashion
industry is the second most polluting industry after oil. But are these practices a trend to
appease the conscious customer? Or does it signal a serious commitment to sustainability?
Anita unpacks sustainability in the luxury industry in this next episode of Luxe Insider. 
Bonus: A sneak peek into the Oscars of watchmaking: the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de
Genève (GPHG)

EPISODE 4: Anita Dongre – in conversation with India’s Leading Fashion Designer

From two sewing machines loaned by her father to becoming one of the largest fashion brands in India, Anita Dongre’s success journey is nothing short of inspiring. We speak to Anita about this journey, how she scaled up from 1 to 5 brands, and more in this next episode of Luxe Insider. 

EPISODE 5: Watch it While I Talk!

Why are watches so expensive? And if you are looking for one, how do you know which one to buy from the sea of options out there? Anita’s journey with luxury began with watches, and in this episode she answers these questions while taking you on a sojourn through the world of watches. 

EPISODE 6: Luxe Insider at Dubai Watch Week

We have a special episode lined up for you this week! Anita Khatri spent November 24th to November 28th at the Dubai Watch Week 2021, where she spoke with the independent watchmakers and a few masterminds behind some of the extraordinary timepieces around the globe. 

EPISODE 7: Shaadis & Shehnais with Parthip Thyagarajan

It’s wedding season! And, the Indian wedding industry is recovering from the setbacks of the pandemic with big fat Indian weddings back in full swing. To learn more about the most sought-after wedding destinations, navigating through vendors and more, we have with us Parthip Thyagarajan, the co-founder and CEO of India’s leading bridal media brand, Potential brides and grooms, this one’s for you! 


EPISODE 8: Tête-à-tête with Rajiv Popley

In this episode, we speak with Rajiv Popley, Director of India’s legendary jewellery design brand, the Popley Group. We speak to Rajiv about who the Indian jewellery consumer is, what they’re looking for, how jewellery-buying in India has evolved, and what the future holds for this industry.


EPISODE 9: #InfluencerTalk with Mitali Sagar, House of Misu

Until a few years ago, brands resisted reaching out to social media influencers for their marketing and outreach efforts. Today, over 60% of luxury brands are actively using influencer marketing to promote their brand. To understand this shift, we have with us Mitali Sagar of the renowned House of Misu. House of Misu has paved the way for luxury influencer marketing in India, having worked with brands such as Gucci, Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, among others.


EPISODE 10: 2021…The Year That Was!

In the final episode of this year, we have for you a recap of what 2021 looked like for the luxury world. The biggest brand collaborations to the hottest trends – we cover it all in this episode. We hope you enjoy it!


EPISODE 11: Going Chocolatious!

We’re beginning the new year on a sweeter note – this episode is all about the world of chocolates. How do you identify a luxury chocolate? What is a luxury chocolate? And what are the trends among homegrown luxury chocolate brands? Anita discusses it all in this next episode, along with insights from Mr. Marc Wirth, Managing Director, Sprüngli Middle East, a luxury chocolate brand, on what has made this brand a pioneer among premium chocolates.


Episode 12: #WatchTalk with Olivier Bernheim, President, Raymond Weil

This week on Luxe Insider, we have with us Olivier Bernheim, the President of luxury Swiss watch brand, Raymond Weil. Olivier has been with Raymond Weil since 1982. His dynamism and visionary entrepreneurial spirit has contributed to Raymond Weil’s impact on the watchmaking world. In this episode, Anita speaks to Olivier about Raymond Weil’s journey, how the brand has stayed independent, and grown over the years.


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