Experience the building of your brand in India with a direct access to the luxury and media network, along with a complete understanding of the luxury market.

Brand Positioning and Press Relations

Your brand is precious. How and where you communicate matters. Maximize your reach to the right target audience within appropriate environment.

Strategic Marketing and Media Planning

AKLC has a 360 degree understanding of the luxury industry and the Indian media scenario hence enhances our brand management prowess. Our specialization includes Media Selection, Evaluation, Planning, Buying and Execution. Right media-mixes aligned with brand objectives is a sure way to growth.


Customized collaborations best suited to the communication strategy of each brand across various touch points to get to the target group with appropriate experience within the given environment suited to the brand.

Event Management

Ideation, Conceptualization, Execution and Implementation with our strong networks who understand the luxury world is our key to make successful events happen.

Social Media

PR activity on social media of publications as well as our network of influencers for enhancing brand awareness, we will have the brand covered.


At AKLC, we are experts in customized PR and media services right from Conceptualization to Implementations.


An Introduction to the world of Fine Watchmaking; Authorized & Approved by FHH(Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie)

IMR Division

IMR is the Indian Media Representative division under AKLC. We represent India's leading Media Titles Times TV Network, Worldwide Media Pvt Ltd to curate content on Horology.


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