Meet the cousins of watchmaking: Manufacturers of Tabatières – Reuge


Creating Music, Motion & Emotion, since 1865, REUGE is considered as the world leader of musical automatons. Reuge launched its latest collection called “Enchanting Birds” at Geneva Watch Days 2021. They manufacture Tabatières or the snuff boxes, which were the cherished bespoke treasures in the 18th century. A few of them concealed a surprise behind the artistically beautiful decorations ie an automatons- a moving mechanical device. Reuge is among the few that can master this marriage of engineering and art.

In the Enchanting Birds collection, the talented craftsmen have reproduced a bird in motion with a voice. This Tabatières reveals its element of magic on demand, by activating a lever. This colourful bird composed of 28 parts in titanium and gold, flaps its wings and moves every joint of its small body in sync with its tune. This single mechanical movement has more than 250 pieces and is an absolute masterpiece. This beautiful automaton is available in 3 colours- Blue, Fuchsia and Silver and priced at approximately 18,900 CHF

We salute Reuge’s investment in the continuity of an age old swiss tradition and yet remaining relevant to the current times. Any takers for this treasure?

old swiss tradition

Reuge Enchanting Birds in Blue

Reuge Enchanting Birds in Blue

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