Experience is the best teacher. One can acquire information or knowledge, but wisdom and understanding comes from experience. And I say this from my experience!

In my long journey with the watch industry, even as my understanding of the beautiful timepieces—works of art—has grown manifold, I have grown wiser and more appreciative of time. The latest among my many wonderful experiences was the third Forum de la Haute Horlogerie, organised by Fondation de la Haute Horlorgerie at the World Economic Forum Headquarters in Geneva last month. The theme of the forum was ‘Time to Act’ and it underlined the foundation’s role of transmitting culture and expertise, being a driving force for the fine watchmaking industry.

So, what is so special about fine watchmaking? For most people, a watch is a watch—a device that displays time. But for those who appreciate it, a watch is nothing less than a piece of art. These mechanical pieces need skilled craftsmanship and serious attention to details. A mechanical watch, whether hand-wound or automatic, depends on the main spring to derive power to run. A watch is delicate in its mechanism and the challenge lies in controlling and regulating the energy in the main spring over the course of several hours.

That’s why I call them mechanical marvels. The simplest machine has over a 100 parts and a complicated tourbillion or a perpetual calendar has close to 1,000 parts. Several man-hours of skilled craftsmanship go into making a highquality mechanical watch. Any wonder then that these timepieces have a premium price tag?

Although traditionally a favourite of men, a global phenomenon emerging right now is that mechanical watches are also gaining preference among women. One important reason for women wanting these timepieces is that they are considered timeless classics and can be passed on to future generations.

Talking about emerging trends, expect to see more animal motifs in jewellery this year and more of blue in colour. This is what we observed at JCK Las Vegas jewellery show. Wait till our next post for more on this. Until then, enjoy reading!